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A/B testing is becoming popular day by day in eCommerce and other industry as well when teams realize how important A/B testing is for a website’s success. The web is a very competitive marketplace with very few untapped markets. That means being successful by offering something unique is very rare. It’s very common that you’re competing with soo many businesses at the same time, so converting every website visitors to customers or/and upselling down selling products with a better strategy could make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Due to this, the market for A/B testing, Analytics, and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tools is growing very fastly. At this age, the market is flooded with too many solutions. Finding a great A/B testing tool is not a problem anymore; now, now the question is choosing the right A/B testing tool according to your business.  For selecting the right A/B testing tool is time-consuming and require too many trials and errors. Though you could do that yourself or hire someone to sift through analyzing the pros and cons of each A/B testing tools, it’s better and easier to learn from the experiences of others. So in this article, I will compare the best A/B Testing tools to help you decide which is the most suitable tools for your business.

A/B Testing is something about experimenting with visual and content changes to see which content type, image, or/and design layout is more conversions. A/B testing often include usability testing, user experience testing, and content marketing experiments to find out the solution to drive more conversions by the end users. It’s accessible to marketers, UX Designers, and developers.


Optimizely - best a/b testing tools

Optimizely is one of the leading A/B testing and CRO tools in the market these days. It offers a multitude of A/B testing tool with analytics tools to suit every level of users. For example, you have an eCommerce store with Shopify, and you’re aware that in some instances it may drive more sales with a one-step checkout solution instead of the standard multistep checkout page. But you’re not sure if your store fits that use case. So at this point, you’ve to test both options and compare the results between with one step checkout and without one step checkout experience. Running two versions of the checkout experience simultaneously sometimes requires changes in the code base, which is really a very complex thing. With Optimizely, you can set up two versions of the experience and send a certain amount of your users to the one-step checkout experience to collect the conversion data. If you see any negative result with the experiment, then you will delete the experiment, and the original checkout page still exists and works fine, no harm done. Optimizely offers an easy to use visual editor for its web experimentation tool to create A/B Test without requiring a developer and the ability to target specific user types and segments. You can also create experiments for a particular kind of device.

Though you can create and run A/B tests without a developer, your variations could be more targeted for example your variants can go beyond standard sizings, colors, layout, and content changes, etc. if you have the skills or resources to develop custom experiments with code. You can serve different logic and test significant changes before pushing them to live by integrating your A/B tests into your code. Optimizely’s full stack integration makes it possible to integrate into virtually any code base including Ruby, Python, Java, Node, PHP, etc. If your project is beyond the web, then it’s a go-to A/B testing tool for you.

Google Optimize

Google optimize a/b testing tool for ecommerce

Google Optimize is one of the best A/B testing tools which is a free, easy to use tool that integrates directly with Google Analytics Events and Goals to make your A/B testing quick and as easy as possible. It’s an ideal tool for traditional A/B testing, such as focusing on comparing different CTA button, elements, colors, and content. You won’t need a developer to implement Google Optimize cause it’s as simple as adding a line of Javascript snippet to your website and then customizing your layout with the visual editor. With Google Optimize, you will able to change the content, layout, colors, classed, and HTML of any element within your website pages. Google Optimize is not as sophisticated as Optimizely. It doesn’t allow you to create custom and advanced experiments with code. As it is free, it’s great for them who are just starting out with A/B testing.

For every Google Optimize experiment, you will need to specify which Google Analytics Goals and Events will be the baseline of the experiment. For example, if you’re running A/B test for collection page, you could use view content event, or if you’re running an experiment with product page, then you can use “Add To Cart” event that you’ve defined in your Google Analytics to evaluate which variation converts the best. Then the Google Analytics report gives you a clear indication of which variation turns best. If you’re in a limited budget, then you can start with Google Analytics.


  • The User Interface is easy to use and follow.
  • Creating A/B Testing is frictionless and easy.
  • Integrates with other Google Product such as Google Analytics to give you better data.
  • It’s FREE


  • You can’t run advanced experiments with Google Optimize.

AB Tasty

Ab tasty a/b testing tools

AB Tasty is a reasonably priced and easy to use A/B testing tools that serve as a good starting point for them who are just starting out with Conversion Rate Optimization. AB Tasty is known for that’s deeper customizations, rather than sending X visitors to Variation A and Y visitors to Variation B, AB Tasty allows you to target visitors based on many different things and factors. Such as you can target by user data, user behavior, geolocation, and/or even the weather in their current location. AB Tasty offers A/B testing, split testing, multi-variant testing, and also funnel testing capabilities. The visual editor of AB Tasty is straightforward to use, and it offers a widget library to add entirely new elements to your variants.


  • The interface of AB Tasty is straightforward to use and clear to understand.
  • Creating Experiment is easy.
  • AB Tasty offers many integrations which are useful for validating test results.
  • Pricing of AB Tasty is not as expensive as other leading competitors in the market.
  • The customer service team are very responsive and quick to tackle problems.


  • The statistical significance calculator is somewhat basic.
  • There can occasionally be a lag in test results, which requires a response from the support team.

Crazy Egg

Crazy egg - heatmap analytics tools for optiming ux & conversion rate

Crazy Egg is basically a heatmap analytics & screen recording tool. As for conversion rate optimization often need A/B testing, heatmap analytics, and web analytics tools, Crazy Egg has brought an all in one solution. They are pretty new in A/B testing market. It makes sense cause they combined the usability testing with the A/B testing. If usability testing talks about your problem, A/B testing can bring you the solutions. Like most other A/B testing tools Crazy Egg also offers a very easy to use the visual editor to run A/B testing experiments. They make it very accessible to anyone. Crazy Egg really focuses on creating A/B testing experiments rapid and easy. You can create A/B Testing and go live with that within a minute if you’re using Crazy Egg.

Crazy Egg is an all in one Conversion Rate Optimization tool which offers you The What, The Why and The Where with the ability to test a solution.

Dynamic Yield

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Dynamic Yield is the most powerful A/B testing tool, which is basically a powerful suite for personalization and engagement solutions. With Dynamic Yield, you will have access to numerous CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tools. You will able to run A/B testing and optimize the experiment across various platforms. Your A/B testing experiments with Dynamic Yield are predictive in nature and leverage the capabilities of its machine learning algorithms to improve your return on investments (ROI) continuously. Dynamic Yield, however, is specialized in advanced omnichannel personalization solutions, you’ll able to segment and qualify every user interactions and dynamically adjust your content based on that to best suit each individual.


  • Dynamic Yield combined out of the box features is impressive and easy to implement.
  • Creation of custom actions enables you to bridge the gap between your online and offline tests by injecting code changes directly onto the page.
  • The segmenting features are really robust.


  • More integration with GA is appreciated.
  • Some of the features do require some technical knowledge to implement.


With these A/B testing tools, you can A/B test, and start improves conversion rate across any platform and website practically. It’s not necessary that you’re a developer or not to take advantages of A/B testing tools, but if you do have a developer, you can create compelling A/B testing experiments easily. No matter which tool you’re using but make sure to establish your baseline performance using Google Analytics to know your conversion rates before you make any changes. Keep in mind that if you can still increase 1% conversion, you will earn 1% more revenue than before. Good Luck!