125 Best Shopify stores design for e‑commerce inspiration

What’s make an eCommerce store successful? Surely that company’s exceptional marketing strategy, but a beautiful website itself plays a vital role in the business. Whether it’s the presentation of food at a good restaurant or next Nike sneaker, people just seem to love those things which are beautifully designed. That same principle applies to web design. Especially in eCommerce if you’re not presenting a beautifully designed website to the visitors you’re definitely losing a lot of money. Cause beautiful design can increase the perceived value of your products.

We have put together more than 120+ Best Shopify Stores Design to inspire you for the next eCommerce project. Whether you are going to create a brand new eCommerce site or you’ve been thinking to redesign your current eCommerce site, the following list of 125 Best Shopify Stores Design would definitely inspire you.

Best Shopify Stores website designs

01. KITH

KITH - Best Ecommerce Store Design


KITH- Best Shopify Stores for ecommerce inspiration

03. Area 51

Area51 - Best Ecommerce Store Design

04. Fils Unique

Fils Unique - Best Shopify Store Design

05. M.Monroe

06. Tens

Tens - Best Shopify Store Design

07. Not-Another-Bill

Not another bill - Best Shopify Stores for ecommerce inspiration

08. trublooms

trublooms - Best Shopify Stores for ecommerce inspiration

09. Gather

Gather - Best Shopify Stores for ecommerce inspiration

10. Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony of Coffee Roasters - Best Shopify Stores for ecommerce inspiration

11. ONS Clothing

ONS Clothing - Best Shopify Stores for ecommerce inspiration

12. Eugenia Kim

13. To’ak Chocolate

14. SAXX Underwear

15. Anna Clothing

16. Larkshead Apparel

17. Lik Fine Art


19. MOGO

20. Jackie

21. icon-shop.be


22. Shopskin

23. Stine Goya

24. Krewe Sunglasses



Season - Best Shopify Stores for ecommerce inspiration

27. CP Slippers

28. Beacon

29. ROC

30. Buffy Comforters

31. Polaroid Originals


33. Where Mountains Meet

34. Meadowlark Jewellery

35. Peregrine Wines

37. Glitty – wooden accessories

38. Carcel

39. Brave the Skies

40. tinkerwatches.com

41. 54 Celsius

42. Austin Eastciders

43. Shaina Mote

44. LivSo

45. MODe


47. P&Co.

48. Matcha Kari


50. Velasca | Made in Italy shoes

51. JamFactory

52. Bastide

53. Paul Valentine

54. Seedlip

55. Wings + Horns

56. Outdoor Voices

57. Northernism

58. Toyshades

59. KKW Beauty

60. Harper Wilde

61. Shwood

62. So Worth Loving

63. National Portrait Gallery

64. Ullac

65. Factory 43

66. Bremont

67. JM & Sons

68. Norwegian Rain

69. Press London

70. CafePod

Cafepod Coffee Shop Website on Shopify Plus

71. Common Deer

72. Colossal

73. Condor

74. Mollyjogger

75. Dowse

76. Cookbook Village

77. Bluebella

78. Roden Gray

79. Dahlia

80. BlackMilk

81. Taylor Stitch

82. Jackie Smith

83. Egg London

84. Malone Souliers

Best Shopify Stores

85. Master & DynamicShopify Best Designed Website

86. CaravanBest Ecommerce Website on Shopify

87. Fiercely Curious

Ecommerce Shopify Stores

88. Calm The Ham

Built on Shopify


Watch Stores Inspiration on Shopify

90. Tesla Motors

Best Shopify Plus Website

91. Kutoa

Best Shopify Ecommerce Website

92. Best Made

Shopify Store Inspiration

93. Pure Fix

Cafepod Coffee Shop Website on Shopify Plus

94. Rebel8

Best Shopify Websites For Inspiration

95. LEIF

Best Shopify Websites For Inspiration

96. Five Story

Shopify Store Inspiration

97. CA

Best Shopify Websites For Inspiration

98. Penguin Books

Best Shopify Stores

99. HollyAndTanager

Best Shopify Stores

100. Whipping Post

Best Shopify Stores

101. Goodwin & Goodwin

Best Shopify Stores

102. Belief

Best Shopify Stores

103. House of Holland

Best Shopify Stores

104. The Great Divide

Best Shopify Stores

105. Sunday Somewhere

Best Shopify Stores

106. Kylie Cosmetics

Best Shopify Stores

107. MVMT

Best Shopify Stores

108. Katherine Hooker

Best Shopify Stores

109. Jane Carr

Best Shopify Stores

110. Enki

111. Sugarfina

Best Shopify Stores

112. Pencil by FiftyThree

Best Shopify Stores

113. The Horse

Best Shopify Stores

114. Mavi 

Best Shopify Stores

115. Salt Surf

Best Shopify Stores

116. Hebe

Best Shopify Stores

117. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Best Shopify Stores

118. Jane Motorcycles

Best Shopify Stores

119. Wolf Circus

Best Shopify Stores

120. Article

Best Shopify Stores

121. Dropdead

Best Shopify Stores

122. Water Aid

Best Shopify Stores

123. Buscemi

Best Shopify Stores

124. 3sixteen

Best Shopify Stores

125. Svelte

Best Shopify Stores

Why these are the best shopify store examples?

If you take a look at all of the above best shopify store examples, you may noticed that there’s one thing common in all of them. They’ve all priotized their website’s user experience, take care of their brand image and made sure to make it beatiful so that it can grab their’s audience attention while giving them a great on site user experience. That’s what makes them unique and best of the best.

If you’re going to start an eCommerce company, here are some useful tips from Motif’s shopify experts team which set your Shopify store on the right path.

  • If you’re not going to get a custom design and going to build your store on a pre-existing theme, make sure to select a Shopify theme which is able to reflect your brand and suit the with your products.
  • Color combination is vital for any brand building and very important for any kind of eCommerce brand. You’ve to choose a color combination which help your brand stand out. By using the right color combination for your Shopify Store you can help convery the right message and feeling about your brand to your target audience.
  • Accessibility also plays an important role in eCommerce website design. It’s very important that you focus on accessibility alongside your eCommerce store’s design. How you can make sure that your website is accessible? Well, your shopify store should ve easy to navigate from home page to checkout, your customers shouldn’t feel it difficult to find products in your shopify website that they’re looking for. And there are few more ways to make sure that your website is accessible.
  • Photogrpahy could help bring life to your store, by using the right pictures and graphics for your shopify store you will make it appealing and evoke the buying behaviour of your website visitors. Moreover, you will have the potential to make a difference, and make your shopify store more entiching. Keep in min that, good pictures can help capture your audience’s attention and show them the value in your brand.


Which of that 125 Shopify stores did you like most? Which one of the stores inspired you the most to get started with your own? These shopify stores are from different business verticals but they are all great sources of inspiration for a successful eCommerce brand.

As you can see what you can accompolish with Shopify, why wait? Get started with your own eCommerce store with Shopify’s 14 Days trial, just follow this link.