Branding Strategy: To be one of the amazing brand in the digital age

Branding Strategies- How to be one of the amazing brand

Everyone in this digital space wants to be an amazing brand as I want to be the next Nike in the Sports industry. Everyone thinks that they can be the next Steve, but often they disconnect from what those leaders believe and what they want for their brands. As a result; a lot of chaos, a lot of sameness and a whole lot of mediocrity.

Do you have a favorite drink? Maybe a Carbonated Beverage Company made a great impression on you! If yes, that is the power of branding at it’s best. Your brand image is very important to put a significant impact on your audience. But building an amazing brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes too much effort from the very first; it depends on how you will reach your audience in the most effective way possible you can.

So how you will stand out as an amazing brand in this digital space? Merely following these simple branding strategies, you will develop a better brand image what your customers want, and that will obviously exceed their expectations.

Focus on Storytelling rather than product features

If you really want to stand out in this digital age it’s very important to have a good brand story, your product holds no emotional value to your customers, always keep in mind that emotions sell. Humans are more likely to respond to stories. According to Lisa Cron, an author and story coach, When a brand makes a deep impression on humans, it impacts their buying behavior. According to the 2013 Psychology Today piece when evaluating multiple brands, consumers primarily use emotions, personal feeling, and experiences rather than information or brand attributes, features, or facts.

It’s all about making your brand more human, it should make a connection with your customers and shouldn’t just whistles about your products. Keep in mind that a good brand story needs to be backed up by an excellent product. Brilliant creatives around the story are also important, but that can’t change the perception of a poor quality product.

Don’t Lie to yourself

If you want to shake things up with your brand, then your brand message should be true to who you are as a company and what you can really provide, set the real expectation to your customers. Don’t get just hung up on cool or trending now, and it’s a big drawback for your brand. Instead, focus on how you solve a real problem and the impact of your product on your customers. Keep in mind that some of the most ‘uncool’ products have the strongest brands. Take a minute and think about software as a service company Shopify, major appliance company General Electric or toilet paper company Charmin, they know their customers and how to connect with them to sell. Focus on what you best and offer an authentic experience to your audience to make a great impression on them.

Be willing to sacrifice

Sometimes its need to refresh your brand with a total rebranding, it’s risky to distance yourself as a brand from some percentages of customers who are comfortable with the existing brand identity, but sometimes it worth to have a refreshed on to deliver a better message. A percentage of your existing customers may hate your new packaging or scratch their heads at the story you’re telling with a rebrand. Let them go, chances are these folks were agnostic all along, raving fans will stay with you, and a stronger, distinctive identity will attract a new audience. Don’t fear to have a better brand recognition cause bold companies are not afraid of that, cause they know that their bigger dangers lie in the middle ground.

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Give Value to get love as a brand

Content plays a vital role in this digital age. So your content should focus on building relationships, which will help your customers make informed. This content should push the brand’s core message so that when they will choose your product or service cause you’re the best fit. This will lead to stronger and long-lasting relationships with your customers and your brand. Keep in mind that every content should not be around your product and service or lead to a direct sale, cause people hate to be sold. That is why you need a properly documented branding strategy.

With a branding strategy, you’ll develop a consistent brand experience across your channels, and this is absolutely essentials for long-term growth. If you can nail down a proper content marketing strategy for your brand, you will find a cost-effective way to increase awareness about your brand and engage with your audience.

Make yourself Customer Centric on Social Media

Your brand should be there where your customers hang on, focus on social media channels that are relevant to your target audience, and start getting social with them. Around 67 percent of consumers in the U.S. expect to contact your brand on social, no matter how big or small company you’re. A report by Aberdeen Group shows that businesses with social media customer service experience around 7.5% year-over-year growth. An excellent social media customer service is directly linked to business growth.

Again you shouldn’t pitch your audience to direct sale, 60% educational content, and 40% of others content mix of direct and non-direct sales are good for your social media content strategy.

Branding Strategy get social for your brand

Find your sweet spot

Do you know what you give people to rally behind? At Motif, we call it “sweet spot.” If you can’t figure out your brand’s sweet spot, then how will your employees and your customers know that what they are fighting for? Take the example for Tomboy clothing brand Wildfang, and this brand is founded by  Nike veterans Emma Mcilroy and Julia Parsley. They have a clear idea of what they are fighting against, and they have crafted their message around. Their sweet spot aka unique value proposition is Wildfang reimagines menswear as a “women’s revolution,” they take best of the best men’s styles and turn them into “women wear” with badass vibes for women.

It’s crucial to have a sweet spot. If you have not one, then you should think about that. It’ll also help you to craft a better brand story.

Branding Strategy: How to be one of the amazing brand


Being an amazing brand and rebellious leader is not easy, fast, and it’s not something you do once. It takes time and proper strategy. It’s not a simple marketing campaign. It’s simply the way you are as a brand. Great brands understand what their customers want and find creatives ways to deliver an excellent and memorable experience to them. If you’re not doing that, then you will not stand out in this digital age against other strongest brand.