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The first impression is often the last. Especially when you’re running an eCommerce business. With so many options available to an online shopper, if the look and feel of your online store do not appeal to them at the first go, they’ll bounce off to another site in no time. This is exactly why as online business growth experts, we recommend focusing on getting your eCommerce design right. With the changing eCommerce design trends, we know how difficult it is to understand the nitty-gritty of things that may impact how your store ends up looking.

So in this infographic, we’re giving you an overview of all the eCommerce design trends that you need to be aware of this year!



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We know how difficult it is for a brand to identify the design style that suits their business the best. This is where understanding who your audience is, what your competition looks like, where your existing website design lacks and what eCommerce design trend lets you optimize for conversions the best, comes in.

And we at Motif, are experts at getting the right eCommerce design trend implemented on your store!

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