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Luxury Brand Marketing Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Business

Building a luxury brand marketing strategy is not easy. You’re targeting a niche audience, incentivizing them to make a significant investment in a product that is not a necessity. This means you have to go deeper than product features to create something that sells. So you definitely don’t want to be making these luxury brand […]

11 Successful Digital Campaigns By Luxury Jewelry Brands

We live in a world where cheaper alternatives are available for everything. So, even though marketing luxury jewelry was never easy, it has only gotten harder, thanks to the endless selection of artificial and imitation jewelry available at the click of a button. As a luxury jewelry brand, your hands are tied. You can neither […]

The Complete Guide to eCommerce Email Marketing

In an all-exploding world of new digital technologies, eCommerce businesses use every trick up their sleeve to vie for the online consumer’s attention (and even build a long-term relationship), In this highly competitive scenario, eCommerce businesses need to market themselves by doing more with less. Those who can connect with their prospects in a highly […]

eCommerce Store Design for Jewelry Brands – Tiffany’s

Read how the global luxury brand for jewelry has designed its eCommerce website for high brand recall and conversions.   Luxury brands online need to be careful of how they curate their on-site presence, ensuring they deliver a memorable and stunning experience to store visitors. To illustrate the best ways to deliver a memorable and […]

Is it time for your eCommerce brand to take on AppCommerce

In the past decade alone. eCommerce websites have witnessed tremendous growth. However, they’ve seen a meteoric rise in success with the launch of native mobile apps. For many users, mobile devices are becoming paramount in their life and desktop has turned into a secondary touchpoint. A recent report suggests that mobile commerce sales are projected […]

Staying Ahead Of The Curve: eCommerce Marketing Strategies For Beauty And Cosmetics Brands

eCommerce marketing strategies for beauty, personal care and cosmetics brands. All your questions about how to market cosmetics have been answered here. For a global industry that generates $500 billion in sales annually and is responsible for millions and millions of jobs and livelihoods, the COVID crisis sure did pose a humongous challenge that initially […]

MOTIF completes 5 years. And it has been a crazy ride!

A few years ago, I was sitting at a tea stall, wondering what I wanted to pursue professionally.  I had a series of startups that didn’t really work out. Call it lack of clarity, experience, guidance or market dynamics. I call them all lessons that have led me to become who I am today.  But […]