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Motif® is a global advertising and strategic branding agency helping Fashion brands grow exponentially across the globe by connecting them with end users with better marketing, branding & exceptional customer experience.
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As a luxury fashion marketing and branding agency who are on performance, we’re here to make sure you succeed on all fronts.

Strategy for hyper-growth

An airtight eCommerce strategy is crucial to set your luxury fashion brand up for success. Our eCommerce experts work with you to understand your niche industry— from your target market and competitors, to what your brand’s mission is. 


We conduct a comprehensive brand audit, identifying loopholes and opportunities to establish your branding, proposition and positioning. This research helps us understand your requirements, get insights on what works, and plan your next steps better.

Fashion branding for success

You need to position yourself and who your fashion brand is so that you can deliver a unique experience that customers can recognize instantly. We work with you to figure out who you are as a brand and how you need to present yourself to create a lasting impact.

Our proven method has helped fashion brands like yours build a story around their brand, increase their visibility and recall. 

User focused experience design

As soon as your branding is in place, your store design becomes our first priority. This is the first touchpoint for any new store visitor. We ensure that your brand’s design and development is unique and responsive, helping you deliver a memorable shopping experience.


We work with you to conceptualize your design, build wireframes, and collaborate on finalizing a winning store design. We then develop this website design, ensuring that it is mobile responsive and is easy for shoppers to navigate through.


– Brand-enhancing design exploration

– Branded eCommerce

– Creative direction

– Mobile-first responsive design

– Concept and wireframes

– Omnichannel style guides

– Leading UX & CX design

Fashion brand marketing strategy

Just setting up your brand’s storefront isn’t enough. We work with you closely to set up a successful luxury fashion brand marketing strategy, based on your brand’s target audience and using tried and tested marketing channels.  


Besides strategizing and implementing our marketing plan, we also help you predict the revenue you could generate from different marketing channels. We are full-stack marketing experts, from social media management to email marketing to paid efforts.


– Marketing Strategy & Implementation

– Revenue forecasting by channel

– Email Marketing & Flows

– Social media Ad Management

– Paid Search Management

– Growth Marketing

Easy & flexible platform migration

As a DTC &  luxury fashion branding agency, we are well-versed in different platforms available for your luxury fashion brand. 


If you outgrow your current eCommerce platform, we're here to help you choose a better alternative and do your site migration for you. During migration, we ensure that your data is in one place and ensure that you have all the resources you need to get started on the new platform.


– Effortless data migration

– Customized feature selection

– Best practice SEO migration

– Warehouse and ERP integration

– Failsafe launch procedure

Customer experience optimization

For almost every eCommerce brand, increasing their conversion rate is a high priority. We help you understand your revenue opportunities, new channels you can tap into, and ones that are performing poorly. Our data-driven approach helps us understand how you can maximize your conversions while keeping a lean spend. 


We help you tap into your analytics to understand how shoppers interact with your luxury fashion brand, audit your conversion funnel, personalize experiences on your eCommerce store, and even A/B test different strategies to ensure higher performance. 


– Customer Experience Strategy

– Customer journey defination

– Conversion Strategy

– Defining Roadmap

– Site Roadmap Management

– Conversion Funnel Audit

– User & Heatmap Testing

– A/B Testing & Personalization

– Ongoing Design & Development

On going success

Our success strategy lies in constant optimization. Once we’ve set up your different eCommerce growth tactics, we look into the results and how it’s performing to understand how we can improve it. We stay in touch with you and keep an eye on changing consumer trends within the fashion industry to optimize the work we've done. 


With our continuous hands-on analysis of every little market change, we work towards maximizing your ROI, helping you reach more audiences and converting them better.


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