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Kind words from our clients who took our services

We had a good and clear exchange of emails and ideas. Our contact was very helpful and offered his opinion on potential issues we hadn’t considered. Everything went very smoothly, despite our lack of experience. We will certainly be using Motif. in the future and look forward to doing so.

Helen Ericshen
Co-Founder, Stellar Decolletage

Motif did an amazing job for us! They were extremely quick to implement our request and very responsive with custom feature implementation we needed to make to the site.

Lindsay Lingle
Founder, Holy and Tanager

I approached Motif with the issue that I had and needed attention. I was not disappointed at all! Ash was quick to respond and finished the job for me within a short time. Highly motivated individual who has a lot of passion for his profession! High quality work for low rates. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you, Ash.

Raj Shah,
Founder, EliteList 

The Motif team were great in getting my store off the ground. The provided great marketing strategies that showed results in getting traffic and sales to my store! Many weeks down the road, Ash still keeps in contact with me and provides me with necessary help.

Calvin Phan
Founder of Fight Zone 

Ash’s tactics & books have helped me a lot in my understanding of how social media advertising works. I can say that he is one of the best development professionals I have dealt with so far. His experience is great & he is such a great & pleasant person to work with as he understands what you are looking for & gets innovative with the ways of developing your business.

I’d recommend Motif to anyone.

Akshit Singh Dutt
Digital Marketing Manager, Peerio Technologies.

Motif is very skilled and helped me with my digital services. I can only recommend them and will definitely hire them again. Thanks again for your work!

Marco Laterza
Founder & CEO, Marco Laterza ltd.

I’ve though of quitting several times but Motif won’t let me. I’ve had countless conversations with Ash Ome and he has always been eager to assist. Even when he knows my budget might not allow me apply his advice, he never makes me feel like a burden. Motif is the first name that comes to mind when I think of my business’ future success. Thank you for sticking with me through challenging times.

Ester Hind
Owner, Kid2AdultStore 

Motif built the e-commerceere store on Shopify. I am very pleased with the results. He is very detail oriented and works fast. There was good communication. Even after the project was done they helped me out with issues I had later in the store and changes I wanted to make. Can greatly recommend their services.

Natalie Van Scheltinga,
Founder, The Unchargeables

They did fantastic work! The CEO executed well on the requests I made. He was given a blank slate with little idea from me and create an amazing website. His communication through the entire process was awesome. Watching him work was a pleasure.

Bl. Kasear,
Founder, Green2Kleen LLC 

Highly recommend Motif to anyone who is working on Shopify business. For newbies like me, I found it super helpful and efficient to work with them. The CEO Ash Ome cares about your business as his own, would answer any questions of yours. Thank you again Ash for being such a good business consultant. Best experience ever!

Wendy Fu
Owner, Sea Through Love

The most knowledgeable and hardworking marketing team I have come across. Even if there was an issue at midnight, they were available on call and sorted it out within minutes. Amazing Experience.

Kashem Abdullah
Owner, Business Planet LLC

Motif is professional Shopify Plus Agency. They have done great work for my Shopify stores. Setting up everything just the way I had instructed. They are very detail oriented with faster turnaround, not to mention the quality of their work and customer service is top-notch!

Kim Barret
Founder, Your Social Voice

They have been great to work with. We signed up for ongoing support, and send them lots of tasks. They are prompt in communicating and getting the requests done. I would recommend them for anyone looking for ongoing support for your Shopify site.

Rami Mehrab
Founder, Placetobe

Motif is hands-down the best Shopify Experts out there for any theme tweak or small job that you may have. Every step along the way, someone is in touch with you and let’s you review the changes that they have made until the customer is satisfied. They had excellent communication throughout the entire process and won me as a life-time customer. Being a solo developer and maintaining my store with monthly Pro plan is the best way to get a top-notch developer on your side without investing thousands of dollars each month.

Marc Rosenberg
Founder, The Edge Desk

Brilliant job making a couple of quick changes to my store! This is a fantastic service which is flexible enough to allow for ‘task for hire’ or for a ‘monthly service’.

Thierno Diallo
Founder, Delbol

Very responsive and very competent. I think they are a superbe team to work with;
if you need precise layouting tasks and small liquid implementation, that would take you a day, it takes them less than an hour.
great business model, 5 stars from my point of view!

Shaun D’souza
Owner, The Wig Ware House

Very good work and delivery within 15 minutes so far . Two days working with Motif would take two weeks figuring out on our own.

Thomas Alexander
Founder, The Industrial Stop.

Motif has been wonderful to work with. I have the lowest level plan, :) The work they do is great – and it is such a reasonable solution to customize the Shopify theme that they have helped me with. So appreciative they exist!

Katherine Isais
Owner, The Bow Co.

Motif team is a D R E A M for a small business! As a solopreneur, I needed to outsource some complex tasks that my extremely limited coding skills weren’t equipped to handle. Motif was a great solution for me, and they provided a tremendous value. They worked quickly, responded to job requests and emails very promptly and clearly, and they worked to provide long-term solutions that empowered me, rather than making me reliant on their work. They saved me time, money, and a ton of frustration. I consider this team a valuable resource for me and my business, and I will absolutely call upon their expertise again and again

Bridget Rondell
Owner, Crazy L Mercantile

I am using their monthly Store maintenance service that is really worth. They never let me down. Their prom reply and fixing is really awesome.

Keith Hanson
Owner, Next Level Toys & Games

Absolutely a pleasure to work with will be using  for all future projects . Thank you for the professional work and work ethic!!!

Karem Marmosh,
Owner, 360 Labs Nutrition 

The team is very proactive and communicative, offer a better choice and solution, also the CEO of Motif gave guarantees. He wants to listen and understand what buyer needs. Great service, will buy for the next project.

Founder, Family Wellness Zone 

I needed to revamp my web shop Bad Dog Bakery, I switched to shopify from another platform that is very much about ecommerce after emailing with several developers that can do the switch for me I felt Ome Ashiquzzaman of Digital Develop, was the best suited for the job and I was not let down in anyway. His Reponses and fixes and changes were above and beyond my expectations. Thank you very much.

Tiffany Vongerichten,
Bad Dog Bakery, Owner/Founder