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In these days eCommerce business is getting higher and almost everyone wants to work or run a business from home. Yes, it’s really very comfortable to run a business from home or from a coffee shop where you have no rules by your boss. But eCommerce marketplace getting big day by day. People can sell almost everything on online. But when you think different from them, like you want to run an enterprise level online shop it might make you worried. Here we come with the guideline so that we can remove some worries.

There are too many platforms for running an online business or eCommerce website. If we name some of them then Shopify Plus is #1 among all of them like Magento, SpreeCommerce, Prestashop Cloud , Os Commerce etc will come. But most of them is not suitable for big enterprise edition eCommerce business. In our past days we had to totally code a new platform or system according to our need for our high volume eCommerce store like Reebok, Nike, Raymond etc. But now these days it’s very easy to start the business with some clicks. Now we have Magento, Shopify Plus, SpreeCommerce, OS Commerce, Xcart etc. But among all of them Shopify Plus is the most eligible for enterprise level online store. Here we will break down why Shopify Plus is eligible.

Never worry about the tech again

When we would run an enterprise level eCommerce store; firstly we would worry about the backend, I mean about the technology stacks but fortunately Shopify Plus can handle all of our worries with its’s brand new technology. Shopify Plus is SAAS platform that will let you sleep without any worries and knowing that your site won’t be down and your customers will have always a fast and uptime site. When you have not to worry about the technology behind your store you can focus more on growing your business.

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Worried About High Order margins?

You can easily handle thousands of orders per minute with Shopify Plus’s order management system. Shopify Plus can handle whatever your online shop throw to it. Suppose it’s black Friday or a normal business day when you’re getting a high volume order; Shopify Plus could easily handle that. Are you worried about Bandwidth & Sales Restrictions? The great news is Shopify Plus has no limits on those things. You can sale your products how much you want to and you can use unlimited amount of bandwidth. Isn’t that cool?

Sell your products wherever your customers are

When you’re selling products with online store you might not want to sell your products within a city, you might want to sell that through the world. With Shopify Plus you can sell your products anywhere in the world, cause you will have many sales channels and tools to sell your products and reach out to your customers. Now I am sure you’re worried about the payment processor, please don’t worry.  Shopify Plus has over 70+ payment gateways to ensure you can get your payment anywhere in the world.

Security is no more issue

Shopify has a high level of security system and it can also detect fraud. If any hacker attack Bruteforce or apply any other hacking tricks like SQL injection they would not enter your system and they also cannot make your website down for a second. Shopify has high-security system to defense that. You can use that with no worries. Shopify Plus is certified level 1PCI DSS compliant with annual on-site assessments and continuous risk management. Here Shopify Plus comes with that power that will only let you to focus on your business, not on Security.

Responsive and Bespoke Design

Now, these day people pass most of their time on smartphone, tablets and other portable devices and very rare with Laptop or with their loving MacBook. So it’s very important to an eCommerce merchant to make his Online Store responsive on those devices. It’s an urgent need for merchant to adopt this technology and make their shop/store all device friendly. With Shopify Plus you will have full control to do that. From using a built in responsive design theme you can customize that with your own taste. With Shopify Plus’s beautiful responsive platform you can define your own layout and make your shop more user-friendly and create beautiful user experiences that work on any type of device and platform.

Do you want more functionality?

Shopify is a ready to go platform for creating an online store. Literally, you can create a shop within 10 minutes. Shopify has a large number of apps available to extend features. But if you have needed more than that or if those apps couldn’t fulfill your requirements then Shopify’s Restful and Robust API can help you to create your own Apps to add extra functionality.

Seamless Integrations

So now you’re worrying about those other platforms like your existing CRM, ERP etc. No problem Shopify has seamless integrations service. So you can connect your store with any of your existing platforms to enjoy those as like as you do… Just use Shopify API to connect to your preferred tools. If you can not do your self Shopify Expert will help you to do that