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What if you could automate nearly every back office works? What if you can get your hands free from those boring back office works such as order fulfillment, cancel or mark an order as complete? What if you could get control over your promotions and pricing discounts without any apps and separated discounts code? Today we will talk about two new features which recently introduced by Shopify. And will show an example how you can use Shopify Scripts and Shopify Flows together in your store.

Shopify Flows – Streamlined Ecommerce Automation

Ecommerce industry is growing day by day and there are too many tasks has to be done when you’re running a growing eCommerce business. If you’re an eCommerce store owner or a store manager then you may have to do a lot of work. Orders need processing and packages need to packaging and there are various tasks to be done. These tasks are the lifeblood of any eCommerce business. As an eCommerce store owner or a manager, you focus should be always on finding some streamlined ways to make it done. You can hire some folks to make it done, use technologies or give it to a service provider to handle all of these. This small efficiency may add up or drive more growth to your eCommerce company. If you’re using Shopify Plus then I have a good news for you. Shopify makes it easier to handle of these back office staff with eCommerce automation and they named it “Shopify Flow”. Shopify Flow is an eCommerce automation tools that introduce automation into real-time alerts & your operations process. It’s something like Zapier or IFTTT, Zapier and IFTTT are platforms which will allow you to set up some specific actions to occur based on triggers from other platforms. Though you can Zapier with Shopify and push-pull data from your store to other platforms such as email marketing, customer service, invoicing or something else, Shopify Flows will allow you to push-pull data internally within your Shopify Stores. Flow will allow you to keep everybody on your team on the same page through an easy to use workflow tool, where you can build specific workflows that are relevant to your business. With Shopify Flows you can nearly automate everything. It has opened new possibilities in the eCommerce automation.

Shopify Scripts – A Giant Leap Forward To Hosted E-commerce

There’s a lot of people talking about Shopify Scripts and do you know that you can lift your revenue while you would save some spending with that? Do you ever think of running a custom code on right on your Shopify Store? Shopify Scripts gives the power to control your store’s business logic and it has broken the rumors about Shopify by offering more customized solutions. Like Shopify Flow, Shopify Script is only for Shopify Plus merchants. With Shopify Scripts you can create a whole new user experience for your customers. There are several ways to use Shopify Scripts. You can now run some complex marketing campaigns without any third party app. Such as you can run a Buy One Get One  Free (BOGO) campaign, give a percentage off on products, tiered discounts, even you can create a custom reward or affiliate program for your store. And all of these without any third party app. Sounds cool right? To run Shopify Scripts you need Shopify Script Editor, get that app.

Shopify Flows + Shopify Scripts Powering up

As you now know about Shopify Flows and Shopify Scripts and I assume you’ve access to a Shopify Plus store. In addition, I will show you an example how you can use Flows and Scripts together and open new possibilities to take your business to the next level. I will show you today how you can create a workflow to tag customers over 1000$ orders as VIP and reward them with discounts on their future orders. So let’s dive into that.

To create a workflow first log in to your Shopify Store, navigate to apps section and click on Shopify Flows. Now give the flow a name, I am naming it “Tag Customers as VIP”, you can choose anything you want.

Select “Order Paid” as your “trigger”

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Click on Add Condition then select condition. In the if statement add “Order Subtotal Price” and select “greater than or equal to” and write the value of the subtotal in the next box.

Shopify plus, shopify flow, shopify scripts, shopify plus experts, ecommerce growth strategies

Click “Add Action” on the “Then” section and select “Add Customer Tags”. I am adding VIP as a customer tag.

Shopify plus, shopify flow, shopify scripts, shopify plus experts, ecommerce growth strategies

Now click on Save, once saved Flow will allow you to “preview” your workflow before enabling that.

Shopify plus, shopify flow, shopify scripts, shopify plus experts, ecommerce growth strategies, shopify scripts

Now click on enable to take action then close the window.

Shopify plus, shopify flow, shopify scripts, shopify plus experts, ecommerce growth strategies, shopify scripts

Now, all we have to do is we have to write a script which will run on Shopify Server when a VIP tagged customer will make any purchase from the store and it will give them a discount and affect the checkout. I have already the code ready to do that. Now let’s implement that on a store.

First of all, you’ve to install Shopify Script Editor apps then add the code below as a script. If you are already a Shopify Plus store owner and want to try Shopify Flow and Shopify Scripts contact with your Success Manager to have them added to your store.

If you’re not a Shopify Plus store owner and want to learn more about Shopify Plus then don’t forget to reach out to us. As a proud Shopify Partner and with the help of our eCommerce specialists and technologists we can give you the ability to quickly launch your eCommerce business on Shopify Plus with an exceptional customer service.