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Should luxury brands really market on Facebook and Instagram?

Who could ever think that Gucci’s digital marketing rebranding kept it relevant? Absurd, right? Yet, that’s exactly what happened. Gucci, much like many other high fashion brands relied and continues to rely on smart social media marketing to draw attention and gain followers. Gucci was one of the very few luxury brands that launched their eCommerce store […]

eCommerce Design Trends For 2021 [Infographic]

The first impression is often the last. Especially when you’re running an eCommerce business. With so many options available to an online shopper, if the look and feel of your online store do not appeal to them at the first go, they’ll bounce off to another site in no time. This is exactly why as […]

eCommerce Store Design Breakdown – Tiffany’s Luxury Jewelry Brand

eCommerce Store Design Breakdown – Tiffany’s Luxury Jewelry Brand Read how the global luxury brand for jewellery has designed their eCommerce website for high brand recall and conversions. Luxury brands online need to be careful of how they curate their on-site presence, ensuring they deliver a memorable and stunning experience to store visitors. To illustrate […]

The lies your eCommerce marketing agency is telling you.

Outsourcing branding and marketing to an agency is common. So is outsourcing to an individual. But think about the number of times you’ve heard people come around complaining about how that agency/ individual was not able to deliver results. If you ask us, we have these conversations every day. There are brand owners of all […]

The No-BS Guide For Luxury Brands To Get More Sales During BFCM

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. When every third LinkedIn connection with the term ‘eCommerce’ or ‘influencer’ in their bio would overnight turn into experts on how you can make the most of the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. As the days close in, you’ll find them sharing content around everything from stale […]

The Cornerstone Of Growth For D2C Brands

With retailers discovering the perks of selling their products directly to the consumer (including cutting down costs, establishing autonomy over supply chains, and experimenting with distribution strategies), a new wave of D2C eCommerce is here to challenge the traditional online marketplaces. Bridging the gap between products and consumers, the overall growth of the D2C sector is […]

The Only Guide You Need On How To Start A Beauty And Cosmetics Brand Online

Just in case you are wondering why this article exists while we are amidst of a pandemic, with disposable incomes for every worker taking a hit across the globe, take a good second to pause. According to Redseer, the Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9%, from […]