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This week’s CHAT WITH EXPERT we invited the Wheelio – World First Interactive Pop Up founder Karlo Bradica. Karlo shares his knowledge and thoughts on Ecommerce, marketing and it’s future. He also shares about his journey and how he get started with that,

Karlo Bradica is the founder of world first interactive pop-up app Wheelio, an eCommerce thought leader and a crazy Pirate of the Caribbean fan. He considers himself as real pirate who is helping eCommerce businesses with his app Wheelio.

Hey! What’s your background, and what gets you out of bed every morning?

I’m a normal 29 yr old guy from a really small country – Slovenia. It is an ideal place to live in, I can drive to the mountains or sea and be there in 2 hours. I like to enjoy life with my life partner and most of the time I like to pursue that.

I’m not one of those motivational guys that need special reasons to get out of bed. I like to sleep and I went into e-commerce for the freedom. I like to be my own boss and live on my own terms 🙂

What motivated you to start Wheelio?

I got an idea and saw the opportunity in the developing Shopify environment, so I went with it. At first, we tested the app with some beta users and we thought that the analytics were wrong, since the opt-in conversion rate was waaaay bigger than expected. It performed 10X better than anything we used before, so we knew that we have a winner.

Since I had some following (shoutout to the conversionpirate fans), launching the app was a bit easier and faster.

How long have you been in the business of helping e-commerce retailers for? What have your platform/company goals been?

I have been in ecommerce for 8 years now. At first, I couldn’t help anyone since I needed help myself. I had a lot of help on my journey, so when I got to a certain point where I could share some of my knowledge, I was happy I could help someone and make their journey a bit easier.

Our company will continue to provide for the ecommerce community and we have some new apps coming out soon. I can’t say much since people really like to copy our work.

Which eCommerce platform you prefer and why ?

I like Shopify, I think it is a great platform for beginners, but there are some things they could do better. Since I’m a conversion type of guy, I like custom built stores, where I can change anything I want. Other than Shopify, I would recommend WordPress + Woocommerce for more advanced ecommerce guys or even Magento (Enterprise) for the big guns.

A common problem in eCommerce is retailers having traffic but no conversions. If they’re gathering traffic but not making any sales what would you recommend?

If you have traffic you are doing something right. Just to get this out of the way. (It is not easy nowadays to get some quality traffic).

You need to focus on a few things:

  • Great product pictures / videos
  • Desired products / sellable
  • Descriptions that paint a picture, not just plain stats
  • Reviews – people like to justify the purchase
  • About us page – tell the users who you are, connect them to your brand
  • Proper pricing and shipping rates
  • Great checkout flow and experience
  • Trust and scarcity – use moderate and at right times and positions

Find bottlenecks (identify issues) in your purchase funnel and try to solve them with testing. This is the only way to properly win at ecommerce.

Where do you think the future of ecommerce marketing is heading? Is it chatbots, IoT, more personalized content, big data?

Chatbots are really hot right now and if Facebook doesn’t do anything to limit them, they will be one of the best new channels. Like always, I like to focus on multiple fronts, so best is if you handle everything and when things come to push, you can use and focus on the hotter thing.

Do you think a branded eCommerce store help merchants to stay in the top?

Not just help, this is the only way if you consider the long run. Branding is crucial if you are building an asset and not just searching for a quick buck. Just think about it. We are all fighting for attention from the users and paying for it. At the moment when the user knows you and returns to you, you dont spend and your relationship is built on trust and your brand.

What’s your thought on data driven marketing?

Data driven marketing is the core of our business and we cant make a legitimate decision without proper data. Make sure you can read the data tho, if you just have it and dont use and act on it, it is worthless.

Push, email or messenger which would be next channel to engage with audience? What’s your thought on this?

All of the above + influencer marketing. You need to cover all channels for a complete ecommerce story. Focusing on one channel is the number one mistake most of the beginners make. A change in rules or algorithm could cost you, so make sure you are diversified and you invest in all profitable channels. Profitable is the key.