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A few years ago, I was sitting at a tea stall, wondering what I wanted to pursue professionally. 

I had a series of startups that didn’t really work out. Call it lack of clarity, experience, guidance or market dynamics. I call them all lessons that have led me to become who I am today. 

But back then, what I wanted to do was a blur. I was torn between wanting to follow my heart because my brain kept telling me it won’t be a stable career path. 

Five years later, I’m glad to share with you that I let my heart lead and my brain followed. And what you see today, MOTIF is a result of that! 

The start is never easy. 

The one lesson that I learned from my previous startups was that becoming successful was never going to easy. The quote, “good things come to those who hustle”, is true. Every word of it. 

When I started out MOTIF, I had only one thing in mind. I wanted to be able to help brands thrive online. I wanted them to feel empowered by meaningful design and design-integrated marketing services. 

But what I did not know, was what an agency was. In fact, in all honesty, I had no clue what running a business even meant. I just dived right into it, and the results broke me every day. 

In the process of building up an agency, I tried too many things together. I broke a lot of things. Learned from it and rebuilt the whole process, implemented new strategies, broke them again, and rebuilt things from scratch. 

Build. Break. Learn. Repeat. 

That’s what building an agency is like. 

Because in the first few years, you’re not sure of your own work. You’re skeptical about how the market will receive it. 

What you end up doing is underselling yourself. You end up saying ‘yes’ to a lot of things you should be saying ‘no’ to. You make the wrong hires, you get carried away by internet trends. You lose a bit of yourself in the process. 

But the only thing I learned to be during this period, is remaining consistent. 

I knew if I put in my 200% at all times, the universe had to give back manifolds. 

From a startup agency to a renowned name, MOTIF arrived. 

Unofficially, we started back in 2015. So if I track back the time, it’s safe to say that we have completed 5 years at MOTIF. 

After a lot of time spent working hard on practically every project that came our way, doubting our skills a hundred times, breaking, learning and rebuilding things, I was able to build a close-knit team. A team that together built MOTIF. 

And today, we need no introduction. 

Paving our way up to magazines and publications like Yahoo Finance, Forbes and Entrepreneur, it’s safe to say, we’re on our way! 

I wouldn’t say we’ve arrived. Because the other lesson I learned was that there’s always so much more to do and so much more to accomplish. 

If you ask me today what is it that I’d like MOTIF to be known as my answer would be pretty simple. 

I don’t want MOTIF to become another eCommerce agency. I want MOTIF to become the new BASIC for anyone who wants to start an online business. I want MOTIF to be synonymous with eCommerce growth. And we’re getting there, every single day.

I’d also like to take this moment to thank everyone who has supported us through this journey. Every like, every share, every comment, and every little feedback you shared with us all through these years, has helped us get better at what we do. 

You’re the reason we exist. You’re the driver of our motivation. You’re the reason why MOTIF is growing every day with the thinking that following your heart will never let you down!