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Staying Ahead Of The Curve: eCommerce Marketing Strategies For Beauty And Cosmetics Brands

eCommerce marketing strategies for beauty, personal care and cosmetics brands. All your questions about how to market cosmetics have been answered here. For a global industry that generates $500 billion in sales annually and is responsible for millions and millions of jobs and livelihoods, the COVID crisis sure did pose a humongous challenge that initially […]

How Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Businesses Can Use AI to Drive Revenue

22% of companies already have AI software of some kind within its organization. It’s no longer a technology locked away by Fortune 500 companies. E-commerce businesses can easily leverage artificial intelligence to drive revenue, reach more customers, and optimize marketing performance. Choose an AI-marketing software The first step to using AI software to scale as […]

Jewelry Store Marketing: Luxury Brand Marketing Strategies That Drive High-End Sales

When it comes to marketing your online store, you’ll see most eCommerce businesses swearing by offering big discounts and deals, or maybe even free shipping. But when you’re in the luxury industry, jewelry store marketing does not work the same way. You can’t offer big discounts – obviously. You can’t possibly offer free shipping – […]

7 Best Analytics Tools For Optimsing User Experience

Website analytics tools are very important to find out what’s really working and what’s not on your website. It’s more important for any Ecommerce brand as they have to need to keep their eyes on conversion rate. Website analytics tools allow you to see your user feedbacks via user’s actual clicks and movements on site. […]

Optimize Ecommerce Checkout Page For Maximum Conversion – Motif

Every eCommerce store owner or the person who is in marketing spend countless hour on optimizing sales funnel, eCommerce website, and other stuff. The ecommerce checkout page is a frequently overlooked area for any eCommerce retailers looking to increase the revenue and conversions. I know a beautifully designed website is great, but a great user […]

Best A/B Testing Tools To Take Data-Driven Decisions

A/B testing is becoming popular day by day in eCommerce and other industry as well when teams realize how important A/B testing is for a website’s success. The web is a very competitive marketplace with very few untapped markets. That means being successful by offering something unique is very rare. It’s very common that you’re […]